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Have you ever wished you had the perfect content, to make your treatment plans more persuasive, to re-activate a patient, or to educate a new patient about their unique problem and your solutions?

No worries, we’ve got you covered! AcuDownloads – it’s like having your VERY OWN in-house marketing and design department, right at your fingertips!

Over the years we’ve curated over 1,000,000 words in hundreds of articles, blog posts, and newsletter covering over 50 different topics and ailments.

The AcuD 2.0 Advantage: Amazing, Done-For-You Content That Brings More Patients Through Your Doors

Each month you will receive:


Research Updates

Patient Helpsheet

Clinic Poster

Blog Posts

Social Media Images

Royalty-Free Images

AcuDownloads helps you grow your practice

You will also receive several bonuses…

Online Training Videos


Patient Communication Emails


Social Media Content Library



Quickly enter and save your name and clinic information to your AcuDownloads dashboard. 

Your personalizations are automatically added to your downloadable AcuDownloads marketing materials. 

Easily share your marketing materials with your patients via print or email. Share on social media.

We make marketing your practice easy.


Download your personalized files each month. AcuDownloads is designed with acupuncturists in mind. Your monthly subscription includes:

New personalized content released every month


Share your AcuDownloads with your patients each month. Engaging patients monthly activates your patient list and helps fill your schedule. 

AcuDownloads enables you to focus more of your time doing what you love, treating patients. 

Here’s our 100% Happy Practitioner Guarantee…

There is no commitment and you can cancel anytime!

Yes! As a member, you will receive immediate access to the member dashboard with the most current content and access to the Content Library. And each month we will be adding new content to the member dashboard and Content Library.

The answer is simple…download to your computer and post to your social media pages, website, or as content for your patient emails. If you run into problems, feel free to review our help videos for guidance, or reach out to us, maybe we can lend a helping hand.

• 2 Newsletters (PDF + Text)
• 2 Research Updates (PDF + Text)
• 1 Patient Helpsheet (PDF + Text)
• 1 Poster – Topic of the Month (PDF)
• 2 Blog Posts (Text)
• 2 Royalty-Free Blog post images (JPG)
• Plus any other added bonuses
• 4+ Social Media Sharing Images (JPG)

That depends upon how much of an impact you are looking to make. The more time you spend on getting content out, the more awareness people will have. But generally speaking, we recommend 15-30-minutes a week. From the time you log in to the membership dashboard, to the time you post, it can be that quick!