How to Define and Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your Unique Selling Proposition or USP is integral to running a successful marketing campaign. Your USP should be well defined, thought-out and clear.
The more developed your USP is, the more benefits you will see as a result of your marketing efforts. In general a USP is an overview of the specifics that make your practice your practice.
A USP is utilized to explain in detail what sets your practice apart from all the rest. It explains to a potential patient as to why they should choose you, over the practitioner down the street.
Patients want to choose the best possible service to help them achieve their healthcare goals.
In this post we’ll teach you how to develop and define a strong USP that clearly states your practice’s goals and puts your practice in a league of its own.
Start With The Basics When Developing Your USP
It is important to start from the beginning. You need to ask yourself some simple, but necessary questions.
  1. Why are you in practice in the first place?
  2. What do you hope to accomplish with your practice?
  3. What do you do that no other practitioner does?
  4. What skills and character traits make you a strong and dependable practitioner? 
Ask yourself these questions and then write the answers down. It’s always best to visualize, get your answers on paper so you can better understand your goals.
Solve The Problem 
Why should a patient choose your practice?
How exactly can you help them?. Don’t beat around the bush. Be upfront with your patients and answer the questions they all want to hear the answer to. Let them know exactly why your services are the best for their problems. 
Clearly State The Benefits
Cut to the chase. Let the patient know what they are guaranteed to get as a result of coming to your practice. Be specific and tell them how your practice will benefit them. If a customer doesn’t understand what it is you offer, you won’t be doing any business.
Write It Out

Once you have answered all of these questions, and realize what your practice goals are, it is time to write your USP. Combine all of the information you have formulated into one to two paragraphs.
Edit, Edit, Edit

A USP should be short and sweet, ideally between one to two sentences. This can be the most challenging part of creating your USP, but it is the most necessary, you have to edit down your information. People are less inclined to read a whole paragraph describing your practice, and are much more likely to read a short slogan describing what it is you do.
But be careful, don’t cut too much, you still want to make sure you answer the heavy-hitting questions with your USP.
Be Creative

A great USP is creative, new and even fun. A great USP is short and sweet. A great USP engages customers from the first word to the last word. Don’t be afraid to get creative when developing your USP, just make sure to demonstrate your value and tell prospective patients why you are the acupuncture authority.
So how will your practice be remembered? What will you be known as the authority for?
You want your practice to stick in people’s front-of-mind awareness, and crafting a memorable Unique Selling Proposition is a key way in doing that. Think about what makes your practice unique and why others should be aware of it.
Ask yourself how you can help people, and at the same time get them excited about your services. When you create a Unique Selling Proposition that is honest, unique and interesting, you will find you have more patients coming through your clinic’s doors.
Five Steps To Create Your USP
Step 1: Describe Your Target Audience
Step 2: Explain the Problem You Solve
Step 3: List the Biggest Distinctive Benefits
Step 4: Define Your Promise
Step 5: Combine and Rework – Your Pitch

Watch this video on how to create your USP