How to make a PDF into a link on Facebook

Linking to PDF documents on Facebook is one way to share information with friends and contacts. Facebook doesn’t allow users to upload and embed PDF documents directly, so use the workaround solution of uploading the PDF to a file hosting or online file storage service, and linking to the PDF on Facebook with the Share tool on your home or profile page.

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Below is a brief outline on how to add an image to your Facebook feed to help drive more traffic from FB to your website.

In order to post a PDF to FB you will need to upload the PDF to your website and have your webmaster create a new webpage to house the uploaded PDF. Or if you have a website built on a WordPress platform, you can learn how to add a new webpage here.

Once the webpage is created  you can a thumbnail image as your “download” button for the PDF download, directly to your webpage.

Then share that webpage via FB by posting the link to the page and FB will scan the page for all images, you would simply select the thumbnail that you uploaded as the image that you want showing in your FB post.

When users click the link from your FB post the user will be directed to the newly formed webpage where they can then download the PDF.

This will drive traffic from your FB page to your website where people can explore your services further.

Then you have the option to keep the new webpage hidden from your main menu or include it in your website’s main menu, it is up to you.