Uploading PDF documents to MailChimp

Freddie_winkOur personalized newsletters and helpsheets are delivered in PDF format for easy printing and distributing. If you’d like to send the PDF files to your list in MailChimp, please follow the link below to see MailChimp’s tutorial about how to add PDF files to your campaigns:


If you’d like to include the text of the newsletters or helpsheet within your MailChimp email, you can use the Text Only files that we include with each month’s downloads. These will let you easily copy/paste the article text into your campaign.

Instead of copy/pasting all of the articles each month, we recommend including a shortened excerpt of one of the main newsletter articles within your email, followed by an invitation to read the full newsletter, where you would then provide the link to download the PDF document.

Please let us know if you have any questions!